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noun; pronounced yo-DEE-suh

1. someone who is constantly running their mouth thinking that they are correct, and you are not.

2. a person with the ability to sing ridiculously high and break glass.

3. An amazing sister and girlfriend who means the world to people that love her. Has the ability to piss everyone off in no time at all with her superior attitude, but wins back the love with her charm and her kindness. Is in love with music and everything it touches. Can own any voice part with her extreme soprano-ness.

verb; still pronounced yo-DEE-suh

4. to improve, correct, or fix.
1. "Good, that girl needs to shut up she has no clue what she's talking about. She's such a YODISA."

2. "Did you hear that note in ensemble today?"
"Yeah, it sounded really bad. Was Yodisa on it?"
"No way, but they needed her on that note."

3. "She's a total Yodisa. I'm glad she's mine."

4. "Dude, your grade blows. You need to YODISA it."
by omgwtfdairyqueen January 19, 2010
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