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A word used to describe the type of person who is deeply irritating. Often referred to males as someone who doesn't get pussy - ever, however has money and a nice car, even though he's a fat cunt, so people have the 'yingertwat' around generally to buy them drinks or make themselves look better in comparison.

Yingertwats are fairly common. They're either generally repulsive, disgusting, preppy, gay or pathetic and cocky. The type of person nobody likes but still manages to find a way to muscle in on group activities.
'Oi blad that yingertwat's got a fatass, bumbaclut. Let's go say safe and see if he'll lend me a tenner. I'm nay fucking paying him back for shiii.'

'Hello yingertwat, your mum's a hasbian wastegash. I can insult you all I fucking like and you'll probably stand there and laugh because it looks like you might have a friend.'

'I'm shocked to see that yingertwat at this party. I thought we'd kept it on the down-low so we didn't have to invite them. Oh well, let's go over and get him/her to buy a round.'
by Kelly Clerkinson March 18, 2007
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