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A generalization of a person, scene of people, or event that is essentially lame, a cliche, overrated, worthless, overused, amateurish, self righteous, arrogant, condescending, for simpletons.

Yeypants might be amidst a demonstration, showing off, telling someone what or how to do something with a gleem of excitement, bragging, wearing fancy jeans, boasting or maybe simply strutting their stuff quietly or loudly, but in such obsolescence that it is just yeypants.
random: "Dude you are so yeypants for posting this definition."

me: "No dude I'm not, its a definition, apparently you don't even know what it means."

random: "That is so yeypants who cares."

me: "Could be, but if you use yeypants to much you become yeypants yourself."
by upisdn September 07, 2010
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