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when an asian person ejaculates or gizzes. the color can be changed for any other race.
plural form, yellownuts, is when a persons penis is so small, he pees on his gonads, in time causing him to have yellownuts.
"that white girl had bruce lee bustin a yellownut"
plural: "poor guy loses all his girls cuz of his yellownuts"
by mr gloveboxpops April 30, 2006
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ejaculation of an asian person. In plural form (yellow nuts)this is not a curse word,one may simply change the color in accordance to race (brown,black,white). In plural form (yellow nuts)it can mean when a male homosapiens penis is so small he pees on his testicles, giving him, in time, yellow nuts.
damn, that girls so fine she made bruce lee bust a yellow nut.
i aint worried about that guy taking my girl, hes got yellow nuts.
by mister johnson April 05, 2006
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