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When a parakeet comes in when you say, "yeetyeetparakeet" and shits on you or the person you're talking to if you are talking to someone. Yelling it will make the bird come faster. Usually said at the beginning of a convorsation
Person 1: "Ayo, whats up man?"
*bird starts to come flying in*
Person 1: "Oh fuck, why are you doing this?"
*bird shits on Person 1*
Person 1: "Oh you motherfu-"
*A whole bunch of birds starting coming in*
Person 1: "FUUUUU-"
*both get shat on"
Person 2: "Oof you just got yeeted all the way out of the milky way. G3t r3kt m9"
by But its me, Dio! May 06, 2018
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