Pretty much saying "yeah right" but in a much more sarcastic way...

Intense sarcasm and making fun of someone else for saying something ridiculous or untrue.
mike: hey man, i just got with this chick last night.

jack: really? damn kid i'm glad you finally hit that.

mike: oh, we didn't actually go all the way, we just fooled around.

jack: yeah dog.
by thecoolperuvian February 7, 2012
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A sentence used to suggest something is good. It can also be used with someone's name, e.g. "Yeah (insert name here) yeah". If their name is used it will be mainly as a greeting.
Example 1 -
Person1: "I've got a new guitar"
Person2: "Yeah dog yeah"

Example 2 -
(Person1 see's person2 while walking down the street)
by Yeah.Dog.Yeah April 26, 2011
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