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the small lost or discarded things you find in your front or back yard. Old pennies, cloudy pieces of glass, rusted nails, broken sun bleached kids toys. Like an archeologist who discovers fossils or ancient artifacts. A Yardifact is evidence of your yards historical record.
Nick: Hey Brooke. Check out this 1952 penny Yardifact I found digging in your backyard.

Brooke: The people who owned this house 50 years ago were all like, "Where's my penny?".
by N. Carlone. February 27, 2014
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Front yard clutter which can include eccentric statues, lawn gnomes, wind spinners and the ubiquitous pink plastic flamingo. The modern day manifestation of marking your territory as a warning to competing tribes. Depending on who you are, it's either eye candy or an eye sore.
Me: "My yardifacts aren't *quite* whitetrash enough. Think I'll go buy another value pack of 100 plastic flamingos!"

Archaeologist 1000 years from now: "ZOMG look at all these yardifacts. No wonder these people became extinct."
by <|crayon| April 18, 2009
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Artifacts in a yard. Applies to persons with too damn many gazing balls/praying angels/boys fishing/ceramics woodland creatures in their yard.
My mother-in-law has too damn many yardifacts.
by CreamySilver September 02, 2010
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