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a musical genre... a blend of heavy rock music, sometimes referred to as "hardcore", mixed with Jamaican riddims.

"yard" is a word commonly used in place of "Jamaica"
("Mi come from yahd (yard)")Meaning: I come from Jamaica.

So yardcore is Reggae/Dancehall (or jamaican style music) mixed with hard rock.

Made popular by the FEAR NUTTIN BAND.
Known for mixing rock and reggae, Fear Nuttin Band, has created a new style of music they call "Yardcore".

If Buju Banton and the Deftones made an album it would be Yardcore.
by Matt Penza August 21, 2007
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means "hardcore," Its the name of one of the Born Jamericans' albums.
by linds May 09, 2004
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