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YandereDev (real name Alexander Stuart Mahan, also known as EvaXephon) is a game streamer and indie game developer who is developing Yandere Simulator, known well for being lazy, unable of accepting valid criticism(mainly criticism of his code), narcissistic, and an all-a round prick.
by TotallyNotRockman#3581 August 08, 2018
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YandereDev is a fat ugly man who slurps over underage anime girls and streams instead of working on the goddamn game. The light music club were supposed to be done almost a month ago for fucks sake. He has two cats, and I feel very bad for both of them. I hope they get taken from him.
"I saw YandereDev on the street. He groped a woman and started slurping and saying "Big busty boobies"."
by trumpu October 03, 2018
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A genius Otaku that wasted his life creating Yandere Simulator so Anime addicted shitheads could waste their time killing girls with huge Badonkers.
Hey look, Yandere Simulator updated! I'd better check yanderedev's Twitter for Patch Notes.
by Doomdesirer911 August 09, 2018
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A game developer who is making a game called yandere simulator. He’s been in controversy but has moved passed that. He’s a good guy who was in a unlucky situation.
Did you see the update yandere dev made to yandere simulator, Osana has been implemented
by Catgirl 42 hellfire April 06, 2019
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