History: Made famous by the soulja boy song called yahhh bitch in the year 2008 A.D. A hit among urban music lovers across the continental U.S., yahhh bitch was discovered by a group of students at The Ohio State University during a new rap music conquest event held every Thursday evening.

Definition: If someone is annoying you in any way by means of asking for something, congratulating you in a kiss-ass fashion, or trying to be your acquaintance for no reason other than your perpetual sweetness; you may interrupt them with a swift "YAHHH BITCH YAAAAHHHHH!!!". This act usually leaves the assailants confused, even flabbergasted making a quick exit for the YBY user possible. Broken down to the basics, it symbolically means 'get out my face, hoe'. This term is synonymous with the famous "shupbish". Although this phrase is usually reserved for the famous, if you are an 'Average Joe' but someone is being extremely annoying, you may feel the power of YBY coming over you; then and only then is it ok to go ahead and spout YAAHH BITCH YAAAHH at the top of your lungs.
Uses for yah bitch yah:

Fan 1: Hey Soulja Boy can I get your autograp..
Fan 2: Yo Arab, I really like you, man....

by Kyle T.K. February 2, 2008
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