A cuda (used "y'cuda" when calling someone one) is someone who mindlessly and instinctively follows trends, regardless of how dumb the trends are. This kind of behavior is both incredibly irritating and prevalent in 2017 culture.

The word stems from an analogy made by Chris D'Elia on his podcast Congratulations where he compares people who go to events like Coachella as being like Barracuda's, fish that just blindly follow the crowd.
Oh, you go to Burning Man and camp out for a week in the middle of the desert and dress like a fairy? Y'cuda and frankly, y'lost...S'whatyare.
by athump October 13, 2017
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A boring person who needs overstimulation (i.e, coachella) in order to feel something, or the inability to entertain themselves simply with their own thoughts and intellect. Synonymous with "philistine", "basic", or "fuckboy". Coined by comedian Chris D'Elia.
"Y'ever see a barracuda on a boat see a fuckin' bracelet? It goes NUTS. S'wha'ch'yar if you're at Coachella. Y'have the attention span of a barracuda. Y'cuda." - Chris D'Elia
by keeeko September 12, 2017
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Combination of the words 'you're a barracuda'. It's a good way to tell someone they're being real fucking stupid. Coined by the legend himself, Chris D'elia.
by Seahammer August 3, 2017
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