a question to the nature of ones doing; why are you
oXLauren28Xo: y r u being mean
by Ben&Anna June 29, 2005
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S. Y. R. is an acronym that means "slow your roll."
LB was getting outta control so I told him to S. Y. R.
by Rob R. December 2, 2006
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A corruption of 'u r fag' or 'you are fag'.
Hey jez, y r fag.
by master pjesdrw34 February 14, 2018
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y r u gey means "why are you gay?"
that's it.
person1: hey
Persn2: y r u gey?
person1: wha-
person2: Y R U GEY?????????/
by How is EEE already used? June 2, 2021
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person 1 y r u gae

person 2 who says im gae

person1 u r gae
y r u gae?
by bewfvfvfugf July 6, 2022
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