A new frontier, where anything is possible....Through the means of volunteer workers and happy camps. Ever looked at that broken ass doohickey you got and thought "aww shit, made in China". Have you ever thought where in China it came from. Well, let me tell you, China has over 5000 YEARS HISTORY (lol more like 72 years, heck Taiwan existed before then).

Xinjiang is all the buzz the past 10 years, more so the recent few. The west (and anyone that no longer makes money from China) have been slamming(media buzz word) China for the use of holocaust era concentration camps and committing genocide. The foreign mouthpieces for China have said that anyone is welcome to Xinjiang and see the lack of said camps. However, when journalists applied for visas and travel to the area, they have be outright denied. So west, your move. Cant prove something is happening if you cant go.
SJW: "omg im like, soo going to my congressman about the xinjiang camps"
armchair expert: "here, give them these pictures(the same pic when you google uyghur concentration camps literally plastered everywhere)
congressman: "whats this, another shin g-yang letter for the shredder. love me some tax dollars"
xinjiang uyghur: "wtf mate"
prison guard 1: "快点!你今天想吃饭吗”
prison guard 2: "操!我插你的屁股!“
by heijingcha May 19, 2021
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