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They are beautiful and unaware of it,they care about who a lot of people, they are the most sensitive people you could ever meet but they are good at hiding it. Not unless it freaks them out so much. They can blend in easily, they can get mad if you make them mad but they mostly love teasing people to make them annoyed or mad. If they like someone they don't go for anyone but that one person and they give that person a while and if the person don't take chances they are gone forever your just lucky if they take pity on you . they are really cool,funny, weird, don't really think dirty, sweet, and smart but sometimes have to dumb things down for it to get across to them. They really know if you are using them or not so don't think they don't know. They play it off like they don't know but they really do.
Xianghua means"a pleasant flower" Man she is so beauitful,and she is very comfortable being around I told her I have a crush on her and she just acted as if nothing happened the next day omg I love her
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by Aye momma May 15, 2016
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