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Some shitty kid at the age of 10-13 that tends to not leave the house and had huge side burns and plays Call of Duty. Defined by the term xGuhn who plays public matches thinks their the best at the game because they play gb's , but in public matches he can't get a .001 k/d with a Bal-27
Gamer after win: dude we just came all over xguhn face you gb fag
The xguhn: dude your garbage with your pubscrub self go play gb's you scrub.
gamer: at least i leave the house pussy
Xguhn: so what if i skip school for call of duty you pubscrub... You cant touch this .001 k/d your so bad
Gamer: shut the fuck up you xguhn
Xguhn: the funny thing is you thing your good but your really not( in a redneck accent)... So what if i dont the house at least im good at cod
Gamer: go suck omnipottent's dick
Xguhn: (rage quit).
by Vendetta. November 16, 2014
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