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prounced "zanhead", a xanhead is a person who takes copious amounts of the prescription drug Xanax regularly. The result being a highly content and laid back individual with no cares, stresses, or fear whatsoever. When zanned, the user feels totally at ease and in control in all situations. due to this relaxed and aloof attitude, things usually tend to go well for users, especially regarding interacting with women. any anything that would normally make you anxious becomes umimportant. this chilled out persona backfires when the xanhead then does 13 shots and blacking out because they just felt so at ease the whole time.

Anyway, while this may seem like an enjoyable lifestyle for many drug and party enthusiasts, this path quickly becomes detrimental (like most drugs, of course). After a while, xanheads become quite detached from the true nature of reality, as they become more and more indifferent about the responsibilities of real life. Xanax is highly enjoyable but i believe that it (like most prescription drugs), is inadvisable to use too regularly.


a Xanhead
*you're looking at your crush from across the room at a party. you've secretly had a thing for her for months, but had barely had the courage to approach her. staring, wanting badly to approach her but feeling scared. luckily, you have a bar (xanax) in your pocket, so you quickly put it under your tongue and then, miraculously, you stroll right over to her with a half smile on your face and a confident and carefree look in your eye. the next morning, you wake up in the girl's bed piecing what happened last night. and hence, a xanhead is born.
by wbwribrufhpw March 28, 2015
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