much more extreme than a regular waggott, with the most likely outcome resulting in someone being choked out or suffocated.
uh oh he's not having a waggott, he's having an x-rated waggott, what did you say about his mam man?!
by kp13 September 16, 2009
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a new threesome sex prank for M/W/M. Once the girl falls asleep, each guy ejaculates into an armpit. This will stick her arms to her body, leaving her to wake up with T-rex arms
Guy1: Yo, last was night was KILLAH dude!
Guy2: Hell yea...the x-rated rex we gave that chick was funny as shit
Guy1: shh shh...she's wakin up now
by McGrundles May 26, 2011
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Just means cum, yo
- So how was your date last night?
-went great, she gave me that X-rated gravy
by Soldier of Eden February 27, 2018
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while your lady is knocked up(concieved) you fuck her and the baby bounces around.
even though Maggie L. is prego, Warn made her womb an x-rated bouncy house.
by pablooooooooooo November 04, 2009
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Ramblings that occur when one is extremely horny due to being away from smexy significant others for a long time.

Note: Factors such as the following may effect level of ramblings-
-Being located in another hemisphere than significant other
-Significant others willingness to tolerate to your ramblings
-Duration of seperation (Those seperated for more than 7 months should take saftey precautions before engaging in sex)
-Significant other is a curly headed fuck
Seeing pretty girl everyday on skype and not being with her gave me a case of the x-rated spontaneous ramblings.
by crazyboy18 May 25, 2011
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