A Popular, unrecognized, fuckboy with loves to toy with girl's heart, but if he finds someone he likes he'll be the biggest sweetheart and he is extremely hot.
Person 1: Who is that new kid?

Person 2: that's wyant, but I heard he is fuckboy

Person 1: but he is extremely hot and looks like a sweetheart.

Person 2: true.
by A.non.o September 1, 2015
The term used when hiring relatives to work for astronomical salaries in the same municipality.
Pburg has a bunch of Wyant’s working there.
by Hector the Ranch Hand December 8, 2021
Wyant is such a great guy who is overall a sarcastic badass. He can make your day the best just by talking to him for a second. He is the OVERALL best guy. He is smart, sweet and a cutie (which he knows). Wyant is someone who will go out of his way to make you happy and barley cares if he's happy. But if you end up getting into a fight with him, just make sure that you were right before doing anything. Because wyant is very sneaky and will do everything to be right. Also he doesn't know when to stop with his obnoxious attitude. And when he knows you very well, he knows what your weaknesses are. But, over all his sarcastic personality is something you either hate or love. If you have a Wyant.... DONT LET HIM GO... because you will regret it 100% trust me. Love your Wyant for as long as you can cause you will hate yourself if you don't :)
"mhm sureeee mm ok" - wyant
by miag890 November 2, 2019