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Stands for: Who would You Fall For?

Used in reference to romance quizzes where the reader, who is also the main character chooses the character that he/she falls for and ends up with at the end of the quiz.
"My next wwyff quiz: Help I've Been kidnapped! (a vampire, demon, fallen angel, werewolf quiz) part 15."
by productofmygeneration August 04, 2009
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Acronym for "Who Would You Fall For" and could also be called WWFFY, "Who Would Fall For You."
WWYFF's are a type of story telling using quiz format and are told in the second person. (Using pronouns you instead of I or they). Very popular on the former site Quizilla and the site Quotev.
Popular WWYFF's include ones with supernatural themes (Vampires, Werewolves, etc), fanfiction ones about the British boy band One Direction, the series "The Golden Key" by Australian author "rush-wing" and "Crescent Sun" by another Australian author "Soul."
"I need to see if there are any new WWYFF updates!"
"I gotta update my WWYFF!"
by Lyra Scarlett April 10, 2016
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