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noun, generic term for a scottish 'thing' which is dicussed by old women and which defies any more colourful description. Upon being asked what one was, the old women would look intensily quizzical and merely repeat the name as if it were as common as a toothbrush. The wugglybeezer in question might never be adequately defined although a strange ancestoral feeling would rise and be enough to convince of the existence and indeed the importance of the wugglybeezer.
First mentioned in a sketch by Bing Hitler(aka Craig Ferguson)
old woman 1: "Aye, it was then that the wugglybeezer would be used to gommythrot the local fishing nets. D'you remember, Maisie?"
old woman 2: "Aye, Agnes, I ken the whole thing but young David never used the gommythrots, he kept sticking his hands through the wugglybeezers and the randeltanters!"
both old ladies begin a fit of cackling which degrades quickly into a fit of coughing and smiling.
by Dangerous Malky October 04, 2004
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