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(NOTE : WTSMF is an incurable neurological condition characterized by social maladjustment, bad personal hygiene, and inappropriate emottional outbursts. Researchers believe it is closely related to Tourette's Syndrome, though the results of recent laboratory studies currently await peer review ahead of JAMA publication.)

Many of the soulless locals here in grim Newark, Delaware --- most especially the slack-jawed UD students hailing from New Jersey, Staten Island, and Long Island --- respond with "What the shit, motherfucker ?!" when provoked. Provocations include making eye contact, genuine laughter, being possessed of a positive attitude, and saying things like 'Good morning' or 'Hello'. Though no documentation exists to support their POV, long-time staff at the campus infirmary have seen symptoms in successive familal generrations of UD students, and subsequently feel that much like idiocy, the WTSMF syndrome is congential.
Seeing the stacks of textbooks they were carrying, Jay moved to the outside of the sidewalk to let a group of girls pass. "Good morning ! Can I give y'all a hand with those ?" In unison and with raspy, smoker's Long Island accents, they replied "What the shit, motherfucker ?!". Looking back after they had passed, Jay could see 'wtsmf' tattooed on one girl's hairy inner thigh. It was at that very moment he decided to transfer to Penn State.
by YouDeeBleck October 05, 2017
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