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Doing skateboard (short board) tricks and maneuvers on what most would deem a longboard. Doing the right set of tricks on the wrong board.
Did you see that wrongboarder pull a nollie heelflip over that gap?

I'm going wrongboarding with my friends at the skatepark.
by Mr.Dr.Thumper April 07, 2012
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The act of being a poser on a longboard. Usually a hipster or a young teenage girl who act like there the shit because they have a longboard. basically any one who cant stop or can't ride a longboard, but deceives people into believing they are at a level at which they aren't even close.
Dude:Hey did you hear Jenny got a longboard
Bra:yea dude, but she's a total wrong boarder. I mean till she can prove her worth tackling the big hill.
Dude: yea she talks a big game. I bet she can't even brake
Bra: she sounds like such a wrong boarder
Dude:wrong boarding gives longboarding such a bad name.
by Steeve Mcfly May 12, 2014
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