a 'wrong window' is basically the act of sending a message accidentally to the wrong person in chat or in IM because you accidentally type in the wrong convo window. you usually say thereafter 'oops wrong window'.
this could lead to being quite fucked on your part, on certain occasions.

also, doing this intentionally for bets can prove to be a quite fun game. it's like getting yourself into a fucky situation for money.
for example, you send a porn link to your girlfriend in msn messenger when it was really directed to your buddy.

friend: How's the family?
me: not bad, yourself?
friend: Very well.
me: oh man check guys this hot porn torrent i found: server.blah.com.ass?file=232
me: ...oh shit. fuck!
friend: EWWW you sick person! what are you doing!?
by oceaneffectdottk June 11, 2005
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