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competitive literary battle between two or more creative writers that turns words into weapons in an attempt to get fucked up.
The lovechild had between writing prompts and drinking games played at nerd parties and frat parties, respectively.
"BRAAAAHHHHH how many different ways can you rewrite this cliche?"
"Like, as in, a writing game duuuude?"
"Braaahh, why'd you say that line, it's dumb!!!!"
"Duuude, because UD made us write the name of the thing we were giving an example for in the example proper!!!!"
"Isn't that like writing a story about being dead but requiring there to be a dead person in it?... Seems a bit simplistic and underwhelming."
"You know what's simplistic?"
"I don't know, ask your Mom."
"BHAAAAAAAAR. You got me fucker! but you still didn't give another variation of a cliche! DRINK!!!!!!!"
by Jtreemenot August 11, 2009
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