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hmm ha , destinys daddy carlo had some hmmlars with his baby momma hulding onto the hindlebaes
by scrapes September 18, 2003
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w.r.e also known as @world_record_egg is the instagrammer who broke the internet with over 47mil likes of a picture of just.. an Egg.. Sorry Kylie you got beat.. by an Egg.
kaylee: hey do you follow w.r.e on insta??
luke: who??
kaylee: are you serious?? IM TALKING ABOUT @world_record_egg, the ONLY ACCOUNT that holds over 47mil likes OF JUST AN EGG!!! KEEP UP LUKE!!!
luke: .... oH no I don’t
kaylee: shame shame.. F O L L O W T H E M!
by yummyecstacy January 18, 2019
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Me on the phone: β€˜Hey bro, sorry I can’t make it to Hooters later, W.R.E. Am I right?’
Friend on phone: β€˜I get it bro. That’s why I cant go to the brewery next weekend! W.R.E.
by Albus Targaryen April 25, 2019
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