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A female (or feminine male (normally with too much female influence at home and a weak father figure)) believing they are far "cooler" and "classier" than the "friends" they associate themselves with. A wraag will tend to post lots of pictures on social media of themselves doing "cool" things when in reality we all know they are incapable of such things and these pictures are merely a show to boost the wraag's dwindling self and peer respect. A wraag tends to be ugly to look at in terms of facial attributes, also physically unfit, largely due to bad diet behind the healthy and happy image represented on social media. Despite their unattractive appearance they believe themselves to be far more attractive than anyone else, in extreme cases a wraag will lead them self to believe that every living soul they come into contact with is attracted to them, this is a sorry, misinformed state. Due to this narcissistic personality, wraags resultantly develop a "diva" attitude. Other common attributes include: grumpy, bitchy, condescending, pathetic (especially in the case of a male wraag), two-faced and full of lies. They tend not to be popular in social environments, despite the image they portray (once again) on social media. They tend to settle in the "slightly strange" crowd, normally constituting of many more ugly wraag like beings. In general, wraags live in a delusional world revolving around themselves, their aim in life to make themselves feel better than everyone else.
Example 1

Bro 1 - "Aaaaah man!"

Bro 2 - "What is it bro?"

Bro 1 - "It's Claire, she just told me I'm a weirdo and I never have any fun even though I know I have far more crazy fun parties and friends than her."

Bro 2 - "I know man, it's only cause you don't post everything on Instagram. Did you see her pic the other day with her ugly friends having a "partay", it looked shit."

Bro 1 - "I know, she's such a wraag."

Example 2

Bro 1 - "Did you hear Colin said he got offered a job at his dad's place, as a director?"

Bro 2 - "Woah! No, not at all, his dad said Colin was going to get a six month placement in the mail room."

Bro 1 - "What a liar, I've had enough of these fibs, I'm going to call him."

Colin - "Hello?"

Bro 1 - "Hey, I found out what you're actually doing for your dad, why did you have to lie to me?"

Colin - Getting very serious and snidey, with a hint of bitch Why would you check up on me, do you not trust me? You're just a cheap loser anyway tears begin to build up"

Bro 1 - "Sorry man, I just don't understand why you need to lie"

Colin - very feminine and defensive "whatever, I know what I'll actually be doing, my dad wouldn't tell you about my real job, it's a secret!" hangs up

Bro 1 and 2 - Simultaneously What a wraag.
by jakeyboy1987 May 17, 2015
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