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a form of autism induced by the popular computer game "World of Warcraft"

the victim of this disorder experience markedly abnormal social interaction, minimal communication ability, patterns of monotonous interests, and patterns of awkward sexual behavior.

this disorder often manifests itself as PMSing during "raids" and long periods of sexual inactivity followed by masterbation to "WOW" characters.

the only known treatment for this disorder is katie.
travis: hey jon...can u help me with math prob...o SHIT!!
jon hu: WAHHH! fuck! knock on my door you bitch!
travis: ....did i jus catch u jerking off to an orc!?
jon hu: ...b-b-but it's a cute one...and it has hp: 10,000.
travis: have wowtism...for sure. u sick excuse for a human being...i must get katie...RETARD!
katie: who has wowtism this time...8=====D O<:
by jon hu April 25, 2006
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