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An euphemism which occurs if a woman is putting a guy in the friendzone, with other words this means that she doesn’t want to have neither relationship nor an intercourse with a man, but instead of telling him, the insulting and degrading “let s just be friends” she is using as an excuse, that in case of a relationship she is looking for the “wow” feeling that she unfortunately doesn’t seem to have with that certain guy, even though he is a very nice person.
Santos: You look so fabulous in the moonlight! Do you think we can move on,and spend this night together ? I have some champagne and strawberries in my fridge!

Lorena: I am really sorry, honestly,I like you you a lot,but I didn’t get the “wow feeling” and that is what I am looking for when I start a relationship with someone!
Santos: hmm..seems, that you have given me a wow speech..
by Lolita67 October 15, 2012
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