An alternative to the traditionally celebrated birthday where the basis of celebration is instead derived from the anniversary of one's greatest lifetime achievement. An individual usually begins to celebrate the event after the age of eighteen since that's generally when they start "making their bones." Naturally, the date of celebration can vary, owing to the fact that new achievements can supersede past ones. For this reason, worthdays later in life pay tribute to very impressive achievements and are therefore more meaningful than their birthday counterpart. The term was coined by Adam Carolla on "The Adam and Dr. Drew Show" on June 8, 2013 with inspiration from Matt "The Porcelain Punisher" Fondiler.
Matt: Happy Birthday Aceman! What are you, 50?

Adam: Nope, 49.

Matt: What an achievement.

Adam: Achievement?!! Winning the 2012 Celebrity Toyota Grand Prix and then coming back the following year and winning it in the Pro Category. That's an achievement. Creating a Podcasting Empire. That's an achievement. Inventing my own signature wine cocktail, Mangria, which did over 2 million in sales last year.

Matt: Achie-(interrupted)

Adam: Achievement! You're goddamn right. But nobody celebrates that.

Matt: Well for what's it worth-(interrupted)

Adam: Worth? Eureka, P.P. You clodhopping commode crusher. You've just given me an idea. Let's celebrate days worthy of celebration. We'll call them worthdays.

Matt: I shall go chisel it into the tablets immediately.

Adam: Oh, Matt, one more thing. I approved your raise. Happy... worthday!
by griffin_t_a May 21, 2014