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One of nyc's hottest dance groups that incorporates hip-hop, breaking, and many other styles to produce shows that will gain so much publicity that one day very soon they will tour around the world. WorldClassDancers sole purpose is to bring God's people through dance and save them from a cruel world they once knew. Just like God saved them and showed them miracles through dance, they plan to share it with the world. WorldClassDancers starting with a mere 5 people, in a year has expanded to over 40. It started off as being only hip-hop and has branched into many different styles wich new comers bring into the group everyday. They come from the RockChurch in Queens located across the Queens Center Mall. :The true definition of WorldClassdancers: GODS GROUP:
Bob: yo, i just got this flier at the mall about this group worldclassdancers. its wack dou, dey work in a church and dey're trying to tell me i need God and I need to recieve him and all this ****.

Timmy: Really? U think dat? well actually, if it hadnt been for worldclass i still wud've been on drugs in the street. The dancing brought me to God. God saved my life. I used to be athiest. But God showed me who he is. You shud go.

Bob: wow. well how do u noe it was God. i mean there is no God. why wud God have made me suffer so much already. And anyway wuts so differnt about this group. Its just another crew.

Timmy: Just come and check it out. And theyre not just abother crew. This crew's a family.
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