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establishment of a working 'pace' at a job, usually performing boring repetitive tasks that can be done in ones' sleep!! one can simply 'tune out', while still perfectly performing the job. you show up a eight, go into your 'trance', look up; and the clock reads 4:30p!

a job with different tasks or more variety requires more concentration, i.e. 'work' or disruption of ones' mental 'rhythm'

this theory could be PART of a job granting one a PERIOD of repetition OR; the entire day of repetitive task/s.
this idea could be experienced in assembly line type jobs, or jobs which entail tasks that always remain pretty much the same.
got a new job! its' going to be a while before i 'learn the job' and get back my worker's rhythm!

mike foolsley dumped a whole pile of new orders on my desk, completely different then last week, disrupting my worker's rhythm!!

working this job is no problem! i've been doing it so long, i just go into a worker's rhythm TRANCE!
by michael foolsley September 08, 2012
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