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Adj, V...Typically a gift of chronic liars and "storytellers", also useful for careers in sales. The ability to spin stories and say just the right thing to get yourself "off the hook", or to make a magical tale sound believable.
1. I was running late today and my boss was at the front desk when I walked in. She put me on the spot, but I was able to work my WORDMAGIC on her and I didn't get a write-up.

2. Friend #1: "Did you hear about Sarah and Chris? He got busted texting that skank from his work, and Sarah just acted like nothing happened."

Friend #2: "What else is new? She could catch him in bed with the girl and he would still be able to wordmagic his way out of it!?"
by DawnDizzle September 22, 2010
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What they use as language to trick you in a courtroom. All courts are contract enforcement. They offer you accept. Not justice but trickery
How did your court case go
That damn lawyer used word magic on me. Made me feel better about getting rammed in the ass by the corporate government court crooks
by Dudley durite September 07, 2018
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