Expressing a nonessential or unnecessary word in an expression to produce an emotional reaction and mental and physical actions. Comparable to name-dropping.
It was sufficient for the hotel's manager to tell the customer that they "will do everything they can to make her stay as enjoyable as possible." However, before saying "as possible" he said "and stress-free," thereby inserting the notion of "stress" into their brains, which made their brains automatically replay memories of the times they had felt "stress." Though the word "free" after the word "stress" always attempts to create the illusion that it eviscerates all "stress", his word-drop made her presence at the hotel less enjoyable than "as possible." Her intuition told her to find a different hotel and she canceled her reservation. Said differently, pissed-off that the stupid clerk reminded her that "stress" exists, she realized she would be better of finding a different hotel to escape more stupidity she foresaw approaching.
by but for October 23, 2017
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Similar to name-dropping, word-dropping is when someone (in conversation or writing) uses either long, sophisticated words frequently, or words they have obviously discovered on urban dictionary. This can sometimes be beneficial to the listener or reader, extending their vocabulary, but mostly it is annoying and perplexing.
"I'm going home to take a Northwest Nap, TTYL. "


person 1 - "My cranium is encumbered with an excess of inane drivel."
person 2 - "Dude, stop with the word-dropping i dont understand you!!"
by S. Doxy October 29, 2009
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