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The most Asian and second most Jewish (Churchill=#1 for Jews) public school in at least the state of Maryland. One of the most liberal and preppy schools in the country. Churchill sucks.
Oh my gawd I only went to the mall twice this weekend. Ugh.
by lazylatvian May 07, 2005
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A high school in Rockville, MD known for its extremely large Asian and Jewish populations. Students here are extremely bright and many have matriculated to Ivy League schools, as well as the likes of Stanford, Duke, and MIT. Student body is very liberal and is in love with "diversity". Brazen racism against WASP students is common because the students think minorities are better than everyone else, not equal. Extremely crowded building, lots of pushing and shoving in the halls, etc. Faculty has immensely high turnover rate, maybe because only a small percentage of the school's teachers have their own rooms. The rest "float", or push a cart around with all their crap on it to the rooms they have to share with the older, meaner, bitchier teachers. Pretty much, a living hell.
wootton high school is the bomb, dudes!
by woottonkid September 29, 2007
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