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a delightful expression of delight and excitement, followed by the swift arm movements up and down,using both arms, like a train driver pulling on two of his horns.
Mary-Betty: Hey Sue, theres a rawrsum party on tonight, your lover is going to be there.
Sue: "Woot Toot!" *moves arms up and down above head*
Mary-Betty: cya there weirdo!
by Anna loves modest mouse March 16, 2006
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"Woot-woot" is defined by the Urban Dictionary as an expression of excitement or joy, typically upon receiving good news. Thus Woot-toot is an expression of excitement upon sensing a joyous or otherwise remarkable fart.
"Moments after finishing his third burrito, my roommate emitted a fart of rare and surprising duration, harmony, and syncopation. 'Woot-toot!' I cried."
by The Jeff S March 30, 2017
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