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Noise originating from the monk in Age of Empires and now used to troll other players in games or as a general derp noise similar to nyan cat.
"Stephen stop doing that retarded dance!"
by fezboy18 January 21, 2014
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An exclamation of intense excitement or extreme satisfaction, primarily upon accomplishing an achievement, winning a competition, or when expressing pride in an organization. Also can be used as a battle cry.

Originated from Kirbypenguin's frequent use of the word, perhaps inspired by woot or woo hoo.
Kirbypenguin: I just got 99 Fishing! Woo Loo Loo!

Dragune: We won!
Anubis 451: Woo Loo Loo!

Strabo9: Instinct FTW! Woo Loo Loo!
by Lakster37 August 26, 2009
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A crazy messed up word i made up while watching Finding Nemo. Its what you say when you try to speak whale
Dorrie: "Oh i know whale! *whale noises* *more whale noises* he either said move to the back of the throat, or he wants a rootbeer float..."
Me: OMG! Im gonna try that! WOO LOO LOO!
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
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