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"Woollyback" is a term used in Liverpool, England to describe people who come from outside Liverpool, especially those from Lancashire, which is sometimes used pejoratively towards those perceived as outsiders by Scousers, natives of Liverpool.

The term is believed to have originally referred to the people who worked in wool factories in towns near Liverpool, such as St Helens, Wigan or Widnes. They would walk to Liverpool carrying the wool on their backs, therefore they became known as Woollybacks, and now the term refers to anyone from the county of Lancashire.
Anfield's full of Woollybacks these days.

Them Woollybacks have a weird accent, they tark lahk this.
by Scouse Lad April 16, 2006
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a person from warrington an st helens they r gr8! so if u skit em an take d piss dnt cos if ye do they r better than u anyway so get it rite
by stace June 27, 2004
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