An "ungroomed" camel toe due to the cold weather.
That chick in those yoga pants in the snow storm wasn't sporting a camel toe, she was sporting a Wookie Foot.
by Smokey B January 05, 2014
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The physical act of maneuvering a females genitalia over the mandible while the recipient is asleep; female version of a "mushroom stamp": shenanigans.
"Hey Nels, did you know that Jordan wookie footed you while you were asleep last night?" said Kyle.
by Capt. B. Hardon March 08, 2014
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to have the chronic foot odor so foul it fills rooms, seeps through socks or shoes or any other article you may try to cover it up with or disguise it with.
usually caused by not showering for several day combined with not changing socks or not wearing socks at all. both the shoe and the foot will contain such a pungent smell that it is used as the greatest weapon of wookie-jedi-master. most commonly found on tour-rats and ski-bums.
more often then not a dark sticky mold begins to grow upon the foot after many days of grubbin it up. both the smell and taste of this mold is the deadliest weapon in the wookie arsenal, possibly the deadliest of any weapon know to man.
wookiefoot is closely related to junglefoot
2 months and 48 shows later MOONBEAM's wookiefoot was so strong he gangsterd 9 cops 8 fedies 36 custie's and 5 security gaurds simply by taking his shoes off and doing his little fairy wook-dance.
by mc5 October 05, 2005
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