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1 a person who is able to repeatedly make the same mistake

2 a person that can f#ck up so badly there is no explanation for how that happened

3 a person who cuts wood
how did tom break that stair, who knows he is a bit of a woodcutter just dont ask
by woodcutter3 June 04, 2010
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Wood(hard penis), Cutter(Emo/cuttter), so if you add them together, it is called a penis cutter. Which is not that good of a thing.
Ex. If your sex addict, who hates his life, should become a "Wood cutter." Because chances are that you have already cut everything else.
by The Big Fluff May 01, 2008
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a young man, characterized by an auburn growth on his chin, or unnaturally long sideburns. he is broad, sturdy, honest: like a woodcutter.
At BMUN 2007:

#1: HArdy-har-har, China is so fugly
#2: No. Despite the growth. He looks honest, sturdy, kind, like a woodcutter.


The woodcutter looks strong. Like he's made of wood.
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