A "woo-oow" is any obnoxious party attended by drunken, moronic suburban douche bags (jocks, frat twats, sorority whores etc.) who communicate with each other soley by screaming "woo" and "oow" back and forth like chimpanzees with down's syndrome. Called "woo-oow" as it rhymes with "luau" and "woo-oow" as all you hear if you live within a 5 block radius. Woo-oows usually occur late at night when normal human being are trying to sleep and typically result in 3 or 4 visits by the police. Either to break up a fight between 2 idiots trying to out "woo" each other for some stupid bar whore's attention or between a partygoer and a neighbor who's politely asked one of these dumb-asses to kindly shut the hell up.
Hey, man. Did you hear that one of those frat retards got stomped out by the police in front of that woo-oow last night? It's too bad the cop didn't shoot him. These kids go to college, don't they ever learn anything or do they just spend all their time drinking and wooing?
by j-rocka1337 June 21, 2010
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