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To manuver down forcefully and slam your penis into a small opening while blindfolded at a nearly impossible distance.

When Luke Skywalker and the rebel alliance talk about the plan to destroy the Death Star, and Luke says that he used to bullseye womp rats in his T-18. He uses the force to send his photon torpedoes (cock) into the 2x3 meter exhaust port (a rather larger slit in my opinion). He lasers the torpedoes using the force, much like the man must do with his cock to be a true Jedi.
"Yo I just became a Jedi master by wompratting this chick" - Apprentice

"Just like shooting, right kid?"

While attempting to womprat his girlfriend, Luke missed the entrance and splintered his genitals.
by WoodenBlock July 28, 2014
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