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an area in nottingham. Known for low crime rate although home to several crews the most noticable being Wollaton Crew or WC and high levels of drug dealing and usage. Also home to wollaton park a popular spot to smoke weed.
Jim: Wanna go down wollaton tonight and smash posh peoples windows.
Ed: nah blud, havent got the bus fare
by brap-brap August 14, 2006
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wollaton is a place in nottingham, its a quiet place with a low crime rate and is generally homed to posh people, however unfortunately home to some homosexual sword fighting "crew" called the "Wollaton Crew" which is presumably run by 14 year old roadmen who are struggling to express their true homo sexuality.

Just to make things worse "wollaton crew" liked to be called "WC", which is also short for the shitter, that says a lot about there poncey crew.
Charles: Hey Boris! want to go to Wollaton and do some fishing!

Boris: sorry sir! the WC gang are down at wollaton with their adult toys!

Charles: 0_0 not again Boris.
by ha_cry_bik June 19, 2018
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