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Like a "walkscore," which defines the walkability of a neighborhood, "wokescore" defines the degree to which a specific location in a city is more likely to be home to woke people, that is, usually white people who maintain a position of perceived moral high ground because they ostensibly buy into social justice shit.

Wokescore is measured by the density of people in a given area who recklessly engage in "callout" culture ("Um, did you know that what you just said is racist?"), read websites like, Huffington Post, ThinkProgress, follow Deray McKesson on Twitter, and stock their bookshelves with smart people books about social inequality, racial justice, or feminism, and especially how much they talk about these things, especially to exonerate their own guilt about how little they actually do to address any of these causes.
"Dude, I checked out this sick apartment yesterday. The tenants that are in there had a sweet library, too, like, James Baldwin, Richard Wright-- all this feminist shit, too, man."
"Oh, yeah, that block has a great Wokescore! Are you gonna take it?"
"Yeah, but I don't want to, you know, contribute to gentrification, right?"
"Yeah, for sure. For sure."
by zorsnacks September 13, 2017
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