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It's weed to the dizz nizzle.
Let's smizzoke that wizzeed brizzuh. Ch'yuh.
I'm brizzoned because I smoked that wizzeed.
That wizzeed made me brizznizzoned.
Put that wizzeed in that pizzipe and get stizzoned bruh.
Ch'yuh wizzeed.
Come over and smizzoke some of that wizzeed.
You got any wizzeed?
I smoke wizzeed eredizzay nizzigzzzughuh.
I have the munchies.
Let's hizzot bizzox the whizzite hizzouse.
Smoke wizzeed ereydizzay don't give a shizzzit.
Check out my sweet wizzeed tattoo.
Smokin' wizzeed with snizzoop dizzoggy dizzog dizz.
Smokin' satan's dizzick.

by Matt Graveline May 19, 2008
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