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A person who plays the MMORPG called Wizard101, a game focused around wizards with different powers, aka "spells". At it's peak, there were 50 million players, all of whom have their own characters and life off of the game. There are many types of wizard101 players:
The Young Person: Usually has terrible stats, quests every once in awhile, has menu chat, and is 12 or younger
The PvP Person: The person who does PvP constantly and who's life goal is to be on the leader boards. Typically has lots of hex, a commander robe, and a strange addiction to realm wu. Usually has many accounts and deletes characters if they lose a PvP match.
The Quester: A person who maxes out as many characters as possible because they love the gameplay/storyline. Can be hardcore or casual. Some are pretty badass, while others have god awful stats.

The Social Person: Most likely has a guardian or archangel robe. Chills, hosts parties, decorates houses, that kind of stuff. Can be a horny realm Wu person sometimes.

The Boy/Girl-Crazy Bitch: the person who joins the game as an online dating site and is out to find their soulmate on freaking wizard101.

The Pervert: An older person who looks for the "wiz dating" people and lies about their age and picture.
Summer Players:
Type 1: Plays for one summer. Completely finishes the game during that summer, and never plays the game again.
Type 2: only plays in the summers. Doesn't play during rest of year, just summer.
Girl 1: Do u play wiz?
Girl 2: Yeah! Do you?
Girl 1: Yep!

Girl 2: what type of wizard101 player are u?
Girl 1: I'm a social player.
Girl 2: that's a turnoff... I'm a Type 2 Summer Player.
by biceps78 March 01, 2017
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