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Similar to beer goggles (which makes unattractive women attractive due to drinking beer), wine goggles make pretentious, ugly art attractive. This is why wine is almost always served at art shows and gallery openings.
Brad: "Buffy, why is this hideous thing hanging on the wall?!?"

Buffy: "I bought it at Harriet's gallery opening this weekend. I drank too way too much wine. It looked better last night."

Brad: "You had wine goggles on."
by Bubba Gunoush July 08, 2013
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When one consumes so much wine that she/he hooks up with or agrees to a date with someone well below his/her level.
Maureen was disappointed to find out that the man she gave her number to at the lounge wasn't a handsome tycoon but a regular ole Joe. She berated her friends for letting her drink the point of developing wine goggles.
by Shorewood Tori September 07, 2017
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