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The word 'Willypoo' is often described as when detritus (poo) falls out of your Penis (willy). This gives the man a lot of pain but much joy after he has finished
sorry man i was just havin sum willypoo and it went everywhere
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The bestest friend you'll ever have, kind of like a horny little step brother, totally sexy but too young. Always there to make you laugh, hide in your closet and watch you undress, or take advantage of you when your drunk. He's addicted to waffles, goldfish, and stupid bitches. Fuck buddy material when he turns 18.
Awwww its willypoo. If he wasn't so young id tap that.
by NaughtyKitty December 14, 2011
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Commenly used by those who arn't born with a penis but instead get a fake one.
They then have problems such as when they try to shit, it comes out of there penis instead of they're anus. This has been proved by over 1 million scientests such as einstein and lots more.
'Hey, i reckon that guy gets willypoo'
by thedudeofkl May 09, 2005
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