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A dumb young lady living off of welfare and having several sexual partners in one week. You can usually see a wildwood hoe anytime of day walking her 5 children to the bus stop . The wildwood hoe thinks shes a "hustler" but is really just a dumb trick trying to make herself look better then other woman . when you see a wildwood hoe approach with caution . She might be your next baby momma!
Yo is that Brittany?
yes shes the biggest wildwood hoe around !
by freakyou93 March 28, 2014
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A gurl that has many boyfriends
A gurl that cheats on many people at the same time
A gurl that lives in nj
A gurl that sends nudes to multiple boys
Everybody be in that even gurls!!!
I hate me a Wildwood hoe
by 👾☠️😎🤡 June 21, 2019
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