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Someone who visits to find out whether a young celebrity is over the age of consent and therefore old enough to perv on.
You are such a wikipaedo, looking up Miley Cyrus, she's only 15!
by Joe-G September 17, 2008
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A lonely male who looks up the history and images of former child stars on wikipedia for kicks.
Did you see that guy outside the comic book fair, what a freak, he's probably a wikipaedo.
by ccdrake September 23, 2008
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Writing false information on Wikipedia to mislead the world and generally abusing the website which people are trying to use to cheat on their homework

Used in a sentence: "Did you see that new Ruler of france on Wikipedia?" "Oh I heard that was just a Wikipaedo" "Shit, I've failed my Modern Studies essay"
Wikiweirdo Wikipaedo
by DanirulerofFrance October 23, 2010
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