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When someone famous (celebrity, sportstar, singer) does something dumb to piss off a whole crowd of people, that whole crowd of people start editing their Wikipedia page, ripping into them, slagging them off or generally calling them names.

The name calling is usually edited off pretty fast but can usually be seen in the pages' history.
On 12 September 2009, James Martin (a chef) wrote a car review for the Daily Mail, slagging off cyclists and calling them "herbal tea-drinking, Harriet Harman-voting" but also boasted he put sheer terror into them by driving past and honking his horn.

Chaos ensued with people (cyclists?) editing his Wikipedia page giving him a good wikikicking. Various comments were made including this one:

"Following publication of an article in the Sunday Mail in September 2009, it was unanimously decided by the general public that James Martin was a fat fat c*nt, with an overriding insecurity about his very small p*n*s, who looks like Jabba the hut whenever he attempts a faux smile thanks to his tripple chins"

... as well as a number of people changing the word 'cook' for 'cock'.

This angered Bradley Wiggins a 2 time Cycling Gold Medalist in 2008. One of his Twitter statuses was:

"James Martin TV chef, The word cock springs to mind, stick to Ready Steady Twat mate"
by pie3 September 16, 2009
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